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Product Quick Facts
100% Guarantee
Full Color/Superior Quality
Rounded Corners
Flexible Layouts/Options
100's of Uses

IdeasIdeas for Uses

  • Superior Quality. You'll find that our cards rival those of the pros.
  • Full Color. .
  • Fully Laminated.Laminated Our cards are laminated on both the front and back for lasting quality even through all the handling of day-to-day activities they will endure.

  • Rounded Corners. We've seen, even in the best of cards, where the card separates or the ends get frayed. We round the corners of ours to aid in preventing this from happening.
  • Flexible Layouts and Options. Unlike other cards, we offer many option for borders, colors, and backside information.
  • The Right Size. 2.25 inches by 3.4 inches. The perfect size for wallets and purses. Because, you'll want to take them everywhere.
  • 100%100% Guaranteed.You must be 100% satisfied with the quality of our cards or return them for a full questions asked.

Ordering InstructionsOrdering Instructions
  1. Choose your photo. On the back side of your photo, put an identifying name/number and place this same name/number on the 'product worksheet'.
  2. Print a Product Worksheet. Use this form to choose your style & color options and provide the information for your cards.
  3. Go to the Online Store. If you want to order online.
  4. Mail or Fax your order. Be sure to include your photo, product worksheet and payment. (see below)
Mail to: Fax to:
Custom Impressions
P O Box 1583
Apopka FL 32704-1583
Custom Impressions
(407) 884-0519

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